Channeling Sparky

Have you noticed the fabulous new badge over in my sidebar. It’s the Sparklepony badge. Because, yes, I am a Sparklepony!  Got a problem with it?

The Queen of the Interwebz, no other than aliceatwonderland declared a Sparklepony war. What’s that, you ask? Does it matter? It has the words ‘sparkle’ (sparkle! Sparkle! SO MUCH SPARKLE!) and ‘pony’ (I love you Sad Pony!) so I’m in! This war has a specific set of rules, see if you can guess what they are.
So here goes, I’m going to channel all my Sparky-ness and win a sparklepony! Because everybody needs a crazy awesome sparkly pony.

I’m sorry, am I not making any sense to you? Did you get lost in all the sparkles? How about you check out these posts instead? Or maybe you’d like something from the Queen of the Interwebz herself? aliceatwonderland is the funniest, hilarious-est, awesome-est (these are words now, because I said so) blogger ever. Like ever. I worship her.

worshipNaked blog worship. ‘Cause it’s totally not weird at all.

So who is this Sparky? He’s the wonder blogger everyone aspires to be. He knows what’s important about blogging: being freshly pressed and the number of followers you have. WordPress has obviously realized that there’s too much nudity here for the freshly pressed page to handle, so that’s out of the question. Until then, the best way to get more followers is to create awards and give them out.  It works like this: Step 1. Create awesome award, Step 2. You get a whole bunch of followers. It’s simple math. So in honor of Sparky, here’s introducing the Hokey Pokey award.

Hokey pokeyHe’s got his left foot in see

The rules are simple:

1. You must do the Hokey Pokey (or just say you did it. Because it’s the internet, silly, nobody can see you.)
2. You must tell us how your bowel movements have been.
3. You must (MUST) tag at least eleventy billion other people.
4. You must break the rules. (If breaking the rules is part of the rules, how are you going to break them? Mwhaha!)

I’m tagging:

1. Her royal highness, Queen of the Interwebz, aliceatwonderland
2. djmatticus because he’s just awesomesauce.
3. Twindaddy because I want to see him do the hokey pokey in that sexy suit of his
4.  Squirrel
5. Sad Pony

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46 thoughts on “Channeling Sparky

  1. Yes! Viral ponies! Another contestant! My day is totally complete! I might have to get a blog naked mouse pad. Oooh talk about a fancy prize that would be – you’d have every blogger competing!

    Sparktastic post!

  2. This is your attempt at winning the coveted Sparkle Pony? pfft, I don’t know what you’d even bother, we all know that I’ve got that particular award wrapped up, solidly, no contest.
    He put’s his left foot in…
    What’s happening to me…
    He put’s his left foot out…
    I can’t… I can’t .. I can’t… control it..
    He put’s his left foot in..
    And he shakes it all about…

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