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Things I learnt in South East Asia

Hi everyone, I’m back!
South East Asia was absolutely amazing, I had a wonderful time. My neighbor is a tad disappointed that nothing life changing happened. I got a really great tan, doesn’t that count? And I am proud to tell you that I didn’t get sand in my butt. Much.
Anyway I went to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore and this is what I learnt:

  • Taxis in Bangkok come in a bazillion colors.

00-Colorful Bangkok TaxisPhoto credit:

  • It’s easy to get lost in Bangkok. Easier still to get lost in Bangkok four times on the same day, within three hours.
  • Immigration officers are surprisingly attractive. Best not to stare too long though.
  • There is a Chinatown and Little India in so many countries.
  • I discovered a talent for finding Little India no matter where I am.
  • Street food is the best thing ever. So good!
  • Street food will kill me someday. Remember how I said I’d eat something that’d make wish death would come sooner? Yeah, turns out Thai food isn’t friendly to peanut, coconut, or seafood allergies. Why can’t allergies go on vacation for a few weeks too?
  • Coffee jelly is a real thing. Am I the only one who just found out? It’s such a fun way to get your daily caffeine buzz.
  • When a peacock walks into a Starbucks in Singapore, it’s totally normal.

IMG_4726Okay, it’s a peahen and she doesn’t have all those big colorful feathers. But still.

  • And nobody is amused when it’s baby walks in behind it. 


  • Sometimes communication problems lead to accidentally renting a town car and a chauffeur. It’s only fun until you have to pay up.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey is still listed as a bestseller in bookstores all over the world, and that makes me sad.

I’m so glad to be back! Can’t wait to catch up on all your blogs.

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84 thoughts on “Things I learnt in South East Asia

  1. taxis in every color? ummm yes. let’s get that going on here. the drab yellow, white and black isn’t helping anyone with their creativity. and coffee jelly? i need to get me some (i’ll take coffee in all forms)

  2. Glad to have you back and alive!
    I figure it’s easier if you call all bird chickens, big chicken, chicken with huge feathers, chickens with no feathers, chickens as big as a horse, than to learn all the names.
    street food is in fact the best in the world, I think it’s all that dirt and sewage water they use, I’ve never gotten sick out of street food, but then you go to a so called “fancy restaurant” and bang! Food poisoning happens.
    How much was the town car and a chauffeur?

    • All birds are chickens, good thinking. Makes the world a simpler place.
      Sometimes I wonder if those fancy restaurants collaborate with those food poisoning meds manufacturers, things would make so much more sense if they did.
      I don’t really remember, but we all split it so it wasn’t that bad, that way nobody got a heart attack

  3. You sound so much wiser now! I am jealous because I would love to go to Southeast Asia. I did a lot of writing last year for a website of Southeast Asian Hotels, the reviews were quite redundant, but I feel like I know each of these locations. Look forward to going myself, eating street food and hopefully not getting sick from it. Great that you are back and writing.

  4. I get lost in my own country, in my own state, in my own hometown where I’ve lived all my life. I can’t imagine what would happen if I tried to go overseas. I think I’d get lost with my luggage never to be seen again.

  5. Love those peahens roaming around. Not a sand on your butt? I caught that! You mean you were fully clothed all the time. Darn, then you have tan line. Glad to hear you back.

    • Tan lines vs being naked is the biggest decision on the beach isn’t it? On one hand tan lines are annoying, on the other being naked is awesome…..wait why is there a problem again?

  6. Seriously, there’s a Chinatown in Thailand? Huh! Well yeah, I know it’s a different country and all, but honestly, a Chinatown in Bangkok sounds like a Little Brussels in Paris… kinda pointless.

  7. I am so jealous of your adventures. South East Asia is my number one fantasy travel destination, some day I will visit and it will be grand 🙂

    So glad you had a good time, and I’m sure it would have been worth it even with a butt load of sand!!

    What was your favourite place?

    *Big nudie South-East-Asian hugs!!* ^_^


    • I hope you have loads of fun and get just the right amount of butt in your sand!
      …wait what? Typo, I think I’ll just leave it there.
      Ireland is definitely on my list! 😉

      Singapore was my favorite. I fell in love with the food!

      • When you go to Ireland, make sure you visit the Giant’s Causeway. It’s a majestic geological formation way up north, in Ulster. You might have seen pictures of it, notably on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Houses Of The Holy. If you like ruins, there’s the Dun Aengus fort on Inishmore, the largest of the Aran islands off the coast of Galway. Pro tip: always keep a raincoat at hand, you never know when the weather’s gonna change (especially on the west coast).

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