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Thank you for the day after Thanksgiving

My family doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But everybody was off work and the game was on, so big family reunion! Woot!


So in honor of Thanksgiving yesterday, some due thank-yous:

Thank you for whatever it was that tamed my relatives this year.

Thank you for alcohol which might have made it seem like they were tame.

Thank you for no hangover (I believe in the spirit of the holidays now!).

Thank you for everyone unanimously agreeing that ‘their’ team won.

Thank you for the storm that messed with the satellite connection ending the game short.

Thank you for no fist fights for the first half of the night.

Thank you for my paranoid Gramps who keeps an industrial first aid kit in his car.

Thank you for not letting anyone talk about Aunt J’s age.

Thank you for not letting Aunt J talk about her age.

Thank you for Aunt J’s new wardrobe.

Thank you for not letting anyone comment on said wardrobe within an earshot of Aunt J. It may be a little out there, but no buttcrack flashing is good in my book.

Thank you for not letting little S exclaim “Oh my god! The jello looks like boobs!”.

Thank you for giving mom the good sense to separate the two spherical white jello dishes topped with single cherries each.

Thank you for not letting the new ones in the family get Stinky the cousin and Joe the dogโ€™s names mixed up. Much.

Thank you for Cousin M’s vomit being contained to the backyard.

Thank you for letting Joe the dog eat it up.

Thank you for nobody else witnessing that but me.

Thank you for all these people I call family.

Thank you for the day after Thanksgiving when everyone canย go back home.

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53 thoughts on “Thank you for the day after Thanksgiving

  1. well hi there! Thanks for the pingback on ‘pass the effins’! I love your family reunion story! The funniest to me was when cousin M hurled in the backyard and Joe the dog ate it…..EW but so hilarious! haha! and the boob jello…yes! I shared this on twitter cuz it is right up my humor alley. ๐Ÿ™‚

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