5×5 With The Hook: Miss Four Eyes

The Hook is the best blog partner anyone could ask for. I’m on his 5×5 with The Hook series, check it out 😉

You've Been Hooked!

Another Wednesday and you know what that means, don’t you?

New comics, a new episode of Arrow (or maybe a repeat, who can keep up with network schedules these days?), and last but not least, another edition of my madcap, whimsical interview series.

She’s young, multi-talented, adventurous and she blogs naked. What more could you ask for?

She’s the blogging wunderkind known to the world – and several global espionage agencies – as Miss Four Eyes.

She has redefined funny.

In her hands a childhood putdown has become a badge of honor.  (Speaking of which, we need to see some new bloggers named Skinny Minnie, or Goosey Lucy. Let’s go people!)

Her eternally upbeat attitude helped inspire this series.

She has forced me to re-evaluate how I view art. She has started a naked blogging revolution.

She is my blogging partner and my friend.

I Blog Naked

1)  You bill…

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6 thoughts on “5×5 With The Hook: Miss Four Eyes

  1. I was thinking you were bound to feature in his 5×5 series sooner or later. That pic above made me realize something: I thought your avatar was a drawing but it’s actually a ‘shopped photo, isn’t it?

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