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Effective Workout Motivation

Have you ever been to the gym and just didn’t feel like working out?

I’ve been feeling like that all month. I don’t know what it is, I get to the gym and have half a mind to just go back home and do nothing. The worst days are when my alarm goes off in the morning and my mind says “Go back to sleep you can work out tomorrow.” It’s hard to argue with anyone telling you to go back to sleep.

The problem is not so much that I don’t want to work out anymore, but rather the lack of some effective motivation. My motivation used to be when my mind said “Think of the size of your thighs!” but now I’ve reached a point where I have a pretty healthy body image and I love my thighs, so that doesn’t really work anymore.

I think that some of these might just motivate me enough to work out again.

1. Life-threatening Obstacles

There’s nothing like life-threatening obstacles to motivate a good workout. Think about it, people do all sorts of super-human things when they know their lives are in danger. I guess gym equipment does look sort of threatening, but I’m talking about a real Indiana Jones-like obstacle course with spikes, boulders, and blades flying around the room. Now that sounds like a good way to get your adrenalin pumping.


Push upsUnmotivated push-ups

Effective Push Ups on Make A GifMotivated push-ups

2. Food

I know what you’re thinking, “But isn’t that counterproductive?” No, it isn’t. It’s twice as productive because (1) you’re working out and being very healthy, and (2) food is not only good for you but also the best way to motivate anyone to do anything. Especially when cake is involved. A bite of cake would make every painful rep worth it. 300 sit-ups? You got it!

Sit up

Cake-ups: Like sit-ups, but better.

 3. Zombie Apocalypse

You ever think that if the zombie apocalypse hit, we’d actually become super-fit just from running around trying to get to higher ground? These are the things I think about. I may even get washboard abs if that happened. Imagine the things we would do to keep our brains from being eaten by undead beings. No more “It’s Sunday, let me just sleep in.” You have to get up and save your life!

Zombie pull up

The only way MFE will be able to do a chin up.

4. Farts

My neighbor, Mr. K, he’s the best running buddy. We don’t actually run together, but the man sure knows how to get people going. Every morning just when I feel like my legs would explode if I ran anymore, he comes along and lets one rip right beside me. The man’s fart radius is unbelievable. You have to run at least half a mile away to get out of the contaminated zone. You think your dog’s gas is lethal? Wait till to get a whiff of this. You’ll want to run away as fast as you can, and you won’t even care if your legs happen to explode along the way.

Run 1
Run 2
Run 3

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82 thoughts on “Effective Workout Motivation

  1. I recently followed your blog, and I find your doodles really entertaining!

    Oh, and by the way, your workout motivation tips have been duly noted. 😉

  2. It’s possible Mr. K farts for the same exact reason – to motivate himself to move.
    P.S. your thighs look pretty thin to me, unless these photos aren’t accurate.

    • Farts are so versatile. The make you feel more relieved and can clear out groups of people within seconds! Need to clear out a house party? Let one rip! Want to get ahead of the unending line at the super market? Fart away! But not too much, you still need the cashier.

  3. For me, food is the best motivator for anything. If one tells me that they’ll give me my favourite cake as a reward for doing something they want me to, then I’ll happily do it without any questions asked. Unless it’s something sketchy….

  4. Ahahahahahhahahahaa. Very efficient motivators.
    I like the zombie pull ups the best. And the cakeups was expected I think. I think that’s what they call a sweet workout.

  5. Funny post, MFE! I’ve been feeling very unmotivated lately. I think your ideas would do a world of good for me and my workouts! I like the Indiana Jones one. Flying boulders and blades. Yeah, that will work!

  6. I think you have succeeded in motivating us all now. There is a phone app which is all about zombies chasing you, which would be pretty good also. A combination of these two would more than suffice.

  7. Dear MFE
    I love acronyms, and lists, and like working out out-of-doors e.g. walking on scenic paths. I also love your doodles and the posts I have browsed on your blog so far.
    Re-retired 2 months ago in TN vs. So Cal. Walking on scenic paths was much more pleasant in the latter than the former so now I fear I will be forced to join a gym and either (1) Walk an indoor path which would be boring; (2) swim which I like to do only in the summer when I really need to cool off; (3) try some classes which may aggrivate the slight arthritis in my left hip which I feel in my left leg; (4) get back on the elliptical which I think caused the arthritis pain in the 1st place. I could also ride the recumbent bke in my basement which would only make me lonelier than I already am!

    • Hi there! Thank you for visiting!
      I like to sing at the top of my lungs when I’m working out at home alone. It’s the best! It gets me all excited and pumped up, and I don’t have to worry about bothering anyone 😀

  8. Animated doodles, yay! As for me, I don’t go to the gym, maybe you should try that: you don’t have to find motivation for something you don’t do…

      • Not sure if I would try that one – since I know that a regular obstacle course is bad enough. Try having a angry Second Lieutenant running after you and screaming his head of – that works just as well. (Except the part were I did put my elbow in his face whilst running 3km!)

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