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Miss Four Eyes is Back

Miss Four Eyes is back.
I lost her in the middle for a while. The depression and anxiety got hold of her and I just couldn’t find her anywhere.

So what have I been up to? I got into a Master’s program that allows me to move around a lot. I was in Dubai for the past four months, and now I’m in Sydney. It’s beautiful here, you guys.

MFE at Sydney

Things I learnt in the past four months:

  • Cafeteria food is the stuff you use to kill your arch enemies.
  • Spending the equivalent of a small country’s GDP on buying food is the only way to survive when you live in a foreign country.
  • Living with 4 roommates means you have 4 different levels of female hormones always floating around everywhere on a daily basis. The thing to remember is that if you don’t murder each other by the end of the term, you’re all winners.
  • Almost getting picked up as a hooker in your baggy jammies is both insulting and an ego boost.
  • Making dinner all by yourself without burning, dropping, exploding, or killing anything or anyone is a serious skill.
  • Once you grow up, you can’t just stick your tongue out at your friends and yell “Na na na boo boo”. But you will threaten your colleagues with “I will Photoshop your face on Miley Cyrus’s body and put it up on LinkedIn!”
  • If you can’t seem to find any poor people around the place you live, then you’re probably one of them.

Your turn! What have you guys been up to?


73 thoughts on “Miss Four Eyes is Back

  1. YAY. Welcome back and welcome to Australia (Melbourne represent). I’m still relatively new to the world of blogging and stumbled across your blog while you were on hiatus and just absolutely love your blog. Can’t wait to see what else is up in the life of Miss Four Eyes 🙂

  2. Hey!! Wondered where you’d been! My sister was just in Dubai. Glad you had the opportunity to do a bit of traveling. Good look with your Master’s program!

    • Haha, I really wish there was more to say about that. I wish I could say that I was in a hot red dress and skyscraper stilettos when it happened. But no. Just me in my baggy superman pajamas struggling to carry home giant bags of groceries.
      But if anyone asks, lets stick with the red dress and stilettos story, k? 😉

  3. Woho! You are back! Hope you are enjoying the traveling! Tiny bit jealous – have to admit that – not in a bad way, the good way(if there ever is such a thing as good way).

    I have been playing dead most of the time, makes good practice for the day I am actually dead – hah, didn’t think it would come to be a handy-skill now did you?!?
    I have been a lousy blogger – or just out of things to blog about, eating to much cakes, chocolate and other good things that life has to offer – others call it poison.
    And that was a wrap! Hope to see some more signs of life from your side in the future.

  4. Was thinking about you last week. Two other bloggers hung up the towel. I was feeling sad then both you and another blogger I follow who hasn’t posted in 6 months show up in my email! Wahoo! That’s a good day.

  5. Apparently such hiatus happens to the best of us! Glad your career is progressing, or your preparation for it anyway. I have to sayi was so excited to read your writes when my email popped up, you are very loved miss!

  6. Hello there stranger!
    Glad to know you are still on this side of the grass!
    Sounds like a whirl-wind, crazy good time you’re having! I’d love to do all the traveling you do, however, would also need a strong antianxiety drug!😉
    Not a whole lot going on here. I am going to ask where you got your jammies, cuz if you’re going to get mistaken for a ho in them, I must be buying the wrong jammies!

  7. You’ll adore Sydney! You’ve come at the right time too! Summer so much to see and do!! Hope you’re living in a place close to the beach or city to explore heaps.

    I’m just about to move form Newcastle (city up from Sydney) to Melbourne

  8. I was just thinking about you!!!! I’m glad to know you’ve been off jet setting around the world during your absence.
    There is not a damn thing wrong with feeling flattered about your close call with a hooker … work those baggy jammies!

  9. Great to see you back and to know you are doing fine!
    If it makes you feel better I was offered 100 euros for a bj, 50 more than my friend. I’m a winner lol
    Have fun in Australia!

  10. Miss IIII, good to see you again! Gotta say, I missed seeing you around, but I totally understand about RL intervening into the blogging world. Good luck in Sydney. I’ll bet it’s actually pretty hot there now, since it’s freezing up here.

  11. Welcome back! You were missed. Since the last time I saw you post stuff, I moved back Stateside and picked up my dusty life, right where I left it in 2011.

  12. YAAAAAYYYY!!! I MISSed you Miss Four Eyes!! Depression, anxiety, and hyper scrutinizing myself has sucked me away for a while, too. So happy to see your posts again! 🙂 *hyper-scritinize high five*

    P.S. Congratulations on getting into what sounds like an awesome Master’s program!

  13. Seems like many bloggers are going through periods of silence…I know it so well. Here’s hoping we all get our blogging groove back! There is certainly lots to write about 🙂

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