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How to Procrastinate Like a Boss

Step 1: Evaluate the things that need to be done

Make a list, everything is better with a list.

Long list


Step 2: Get things done

Hey look, the internet

But fail miserably.

Step 3: Seriously get things done

They say if there’s a will, there’s a way. You need to understand that you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Will powerEven you’re surprised why this isn’t working.

Step 4: Re-evaluate your list

Torture yourself by making an even longer list.

Worrying about the list

Step 5: Panic

This step is crucial. It may involve aimlessly running around in circles.


Step 6: Pass out

Passed out


If all else fails, there’s always blogging.

20 thoughts on “How to Procrastinate Like a Boss

  1. Can’t do #6, unfortunately, since blogging currently seems to be the one thing I’m putting off.
    And since I’m blogging in lists, I’m already having trouble with a couple of other items.

      • Da, foarte atent sugtevaphear. Am si lucrat intr-o fundatie care promova o viata sanatoasa (si subiectul HIV/SIDA era extrem de important) asa ca am suficiente informatii, zic eu.Ma si pun in locul mamei copilului cu HIV care ar face orice sa nu ii fie dat la o parte copilul si cred ca si ea ar fi cu ochii pe copilul ei tot timpul ca sa evite orice incident.

  2. I couldn’t get anything done without a list… if I don’t write it down?? It doesn’t get done! That simple! So they DO work, but then you have to remember where your list is and to actually look at it! LOL! 🙂 ❤

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