Work Life

Dirty Girl

Never say that I don’t have fun at work.

I’m in charge of filing rates to transport cargo to different places around the world, and it is wildly boring. I still haven’t seen the guy that sits next to me smile, I’m convinced he’s lost muscle movement around his mouth. It was an average boring day, but I got a notice from HR saying that I should try to “contain my amusement” when I have some downtime. But I didn’t have any downtime, I was just doing my job. Honest.

It’s just that today we had to file a new service agreement called NARB. Commonly known by the young’uns today as a No Apparent Reason Boner.

Then the contracts started up with a code that I’ve never seen before: H00-HAA

And I when I was filing rates from China to Europe, I found this:

Longdong, China to Batman, Turkey

Fuqing, China to Cumbria, England

Putian*, China to Titting, Germany

Donggang, China to Condom-en-Armagnac, France


Since the application has a character entry limit, what I eventually entered went a little like this:

H00-HAA: Donggang,CN-Condom,FR NARB5


You’d think it was over. You’d think it couldn’t have gotten worse. You would be wrong!

My boss was on the phone saying “…all ok. BJ filed the NARB rates……yes, BJ did Longdong and Fuqing too.”


Welcome to my reality.


*Putain is French for hooker

11 thoughts on “Dirty Girl

    • I have to! I mean, you can’t send things to Titting without at least a giggle. It’s almost as if they did it on purpose, like the whole contract was just a joke to see if anyone actually reads them

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