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Real Life Struggles

I recently downloaded one of those fancy news apps that gives you real-time updates about news around the world. This, as I’ve realized, is probably the most self-harming thing one can do to themselves. Now, everyday, every hour practically, I get bombarded with the most useless information. “Kylie Jenner just went Platinum Blonde!” What? Why would … Continue reading

Weighing scale hookers
Health, Weight, and Workouts

Weighing scale hookers

Alice from AliceAtWonderland inspired today’s post. She’s trying to lose some weight. (and doing a great job, btw. She’s being very honest with herself and the internet) But losing weight means regularly checking your weight. To me, weighing yourself is like a calling a hooker. YOU asked for her. YOU asked for the girlfriend experience. And yet YOU are ashamed when … Continue reading