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A Naked Revolution

There was a time before time that blogging naked was considered taboo.
People hid under the covers so that they could blog naked without being seen. Some wore socks to feel less dirty. Others held on to their horrible secret with everything they had. What if someone found out? What if their neighbors saw them? What if they were shunned from society? They lived in fear every moment of every day.

Such simple times.

2013: Four people with a mission. A mission to put an end to blogging naked in secrecy.

Rarasauar – The Doodle Drawer. She made the first known logo of the Naked Blogger movement.

Rohan -The Idea Thinker-Upper. He proposed the idea of taking the Naked Blogger movement worldwide.

Stella -The Mouse Mat Maker. She created mouse mats to assist taking the movement to a whole new level.

Miss Four Eyes – The Naked Blogger. She blogged…..NAKED.

fist photo: Raised Fist x 4 FourFists.png

The Naked Blogger movement is about supporting naked blogging. We do NOT have to live in fear anymore! Live free, be open. Let’s start a revolution! The time is NOW!

Support Naked Blogger movement and someday you might go down in history.

naked blogger


Or not. But you’ll get you keep one of these great mouse mats anyway.

They come in blue and black, $24.19 including postage. Email Stella at

Be naked be proud.

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102 thoughts on “A Naked Revolution

  1. Blogging naked should be consider a World Heritage Movement, protected by the UNESCO.
    The change starts from within (who said that?)
    And btw, I had to subscribe my email to your updates, WP reader sucks.

    • Yes it should!
      WP reader is the worst. I’ve given up on it, I use the email notifications now. But I’ll see what I can do about that anyway. I wonder why it isn’t working.

      Btw, love your new banner

  2. The mouse pad is somewhat counterproductive, no? I mean, if you’re blogging naked shouldn’t your mouse be naked, too? Let it’s skin caress the bare surface of your desk. Things will move much more freely then.

  3. I wish you all the best on the revolution to get everyone to blog in an au naturel but for the sake of humanity and the very existence of life on this planet, I must decline.

  4. I support all bloggers and their right to blog naked or at any level of undress that they are comfortable with. 🙂 Of course I support you in all that you endeavor to achieve in the world. So naked blogging, sounds good to me. I can not do it because nudity is not smiled upon in public or at work, where I am writing this right now. But don’t tell anyone! 🙂

  5. Naked people are always a good thing, but I want to know if any of the naked bloggers have their pet cats jumping on them as they are blogging? I work at home and one of my cats gives me an 8-hour lap dance on a regular basis. I don’t think this could work with me naked as I don’t want my perfect boobs all scratched up 😉

  6. Now aren’t those cute! I unfortunately won’t be blogging naked. I live in Canada, nope now way. 🙂 but I support all those who do!

  7. Viva La Revolution! This gives me an idea, I think in the next couple of weeks I’ll do another nudie blog on body acceptance and all that good stuff!

    Keep up the great work. Oh and one day I want a a nameplate that says “Rohan Healy: Idea Thinker-Upper” for my desk!!

    Nudie hugs 🙂


  8. How much is postage to Sydney Straya? I’m feeling left out of all this naked blogging. I have a few invitations for guest posts on the hop at the moment… maybe I could do the obligatory naked guest post? If we keep doing those they may have to put them in the blogging guide!

  9. This has inspired me to go to the next level and declare openly and proudly that underneath my clothing I blog naked! In fact I am thinking of going to a meeting right now where I will be fully naked underneath all my clothing! FREEDOM!!!

    • So glad you’re computer is better. I hate it when that happens. ‘What about blogging?! How will I survive 3 hours without the internet?!?!’
      Blogging naked is fun! Not everyone seems on board with this though…

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  11. I can’t blog naked just yet, it’s still cold in Romania. Oh, and I mostly blog at work, I guess that would be weird:)) But I am totally in favor of this movement. I suggest a flash mob also. A naked flash mob, of course.

    • I like the way you think! I can see it now, people just walking along, minding their own business. Then boom, they strip and start dancing!
      Blog naked when you’re ready, the badge will be around for a long time 😉

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