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Appreciating Nakedness

After Rohan‘s naked guest post he told me that a bunch of people mentioned wanting to do a naked post too. He had the brilliant idea of having a badge to appreciate all the people who blog in the nude.

Introducing the ‘I Blog Naked’ badge!

Naked Badge6

Anyone can have this. ANYONE. All you have to do is:

  1. Blog naked.
  2. Either let me know about your post in the comments or pingback to this post and the badge is yours!

Don’t forget to mention that everyone is allowed to join in. The more the merrier! It isn’t possible to have too many naked bloggers. It simply isn’t.

I’ll update with all the amazing participants with every new naked post.

Naked Winners:

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219 thoughts on “Appreciating Nakedness

  1. Yay! I really hope people will hear your call and rise to the challenge 🙂 I’ve actually heard (in my mind) that blogging naked increases the quality of the post by 23%!

    So what are you waiting for, hop to it 🙂


    ps. Your tags are so funny 🙂

    • You are so right. Blogging naked increases the quality of the post 23%! Of course it does. 😀

      I hope people try this out too. Can’t wait to see if they really do it! Thanks for the idea mighty PT King!

  2. Miss Four Eyes,
    Now that is MY type of badge… No obligations, and a naked one… If I did do badges, I would grab this one…
    Le Clown

  3. Enough of these posts, and you may be get better (ie nastier) search terms than I do! I totally will blog naked. Squirrel and Sad Pony have always blogged naked. Of course you knew that. 😀

    Naturally I want this badge. NATURALLY.

    • Woohoo! GO ALICE! *pomp pomp*

      I can’t wait to see all the search terms! Funnily, I’m getting very boring spam with these posts, it’s sad. I do get a lot of naturist followers though…interesting people They like taking a lot pictures. A LOT.

  4. You are a true original, partner!
    Seriously, I hope you realize how incredible and rare originality actually is in the blogosphere. Most of us spend a good chunk of time searching the web for inspiration and ideas to modify and all you have to do is shed your clothes and BOOM!, a trailblazer is born!
    Good work!

  5. If I did blog naked, I’d grab the badge. But I don’t. I’m all dressed after taking the dogs out. The complex frowns on walking dogs naked and it’s a little too cool in the mornings to walk them naked anyway. Then I’ve have to get undressed to blog and it’s all such a hassle so it’s better to stay dressed. I know. Too much information.

  6. I can’t blog naked because I have an irrational fear of my webcam turning on. I think that should be a badge: I Blog Clothed Because I Have an Irrational Fear of my Webcam Turning On.

  7. Wow there are a lot of answers to this already, so I will say that I have put this on my list of things to do, because you think it is a good idea. Someday, sometime, somehow, someway, I will blog naked and proudly wear that badge. Until that day arrives I will have to make my own badge for being too shy. 🙂

  8. Awesome!! Think we could break a record for largest amount of bloggers posting in the nude at one time?

    I think I’ll post some poetry in my birthday suit tonight. And of course I’ll provide the proper linkage. Woohoo!

  9. I think my husband would have a conniption if he found out I blog naked. But I have blogged in the bath before, so I think that counts, right? I mean, I don’t wear a swimsuit when I bathe… O_o

  10. Though the glasses on that naked little snowman are freakishly PERFECT for me, I’m afraid you won’t see it on my blog either. With my luck, the one time I try to blog naked will be the time they catch me blogging at work.

  11. I love this and I love naked people, but I see myself as more of a punk rocker. Maybe I can be the bikini blogger, just to keep it a little edgy? Just a thought 😉

  12. I think my kids might vomit in their mouths a little if I blogged naked. I think I’ll have to take the aspiring naked blogger one instead.

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  14. Oh, pooh. I’m out. I can’t blog naked because of teenage son who seems to be blissfully unaware of door boundaries (why, God, why did this happen? He was such a good little boy!)

    Is there an honorary badge? Or maybe an occasional the-offspring-is-at-a-sleepover badge?

  15. Wow, we see several comments here about not being able to blog while naked due to family members in the house. What a shame. It’s a missed opportunity to educate that being naked is the most natural thing you can do. After all wasn’t this blog about Appreciating Nakedness!!

  16. Hehe, looks like you’ve got a good few eager beavers here Miss Four Eyes! And a few scaredy cats 😉

    I haven’t forgotten by the way, I’m gonna reblog this tomorrow!

    Can I get a nudey hug over here?

    Take care 😉


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  18. Reblogged this on rohan7things and commented:
    Recently I wrote my very first naked blog which was a guest post for the original Naked Blogging Goddess (credit to Twindaddy) herself Miss Four Eyes!

    For blogging nude I was honored with the “I Blog Naked” badge which now sits proudly on the front page of my blog 🙂

    So this is a call to all bloggers, get nekkid and go for it! It’s a fact that blogging nude increases the awesomeness of the post by exactly 23%

    If you blog naked be sure to announce it loud and proud with Rarasaur/Miss Four Eyes sexy badge!

    All the best 🙂


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  20. It is possible to make your blog postings EVEN better if one can blog naked while sitting in the sunshine! It creates the best possible atmosphere to allow your brain’s juices to really flow 😉 I cant say that i mind that this is how i spend my afternoons. I suppose not having to worry about any kids or a partner helps to open up freedom to blog naked in the sun!

  21. I want the badge too! I want it, I want it. I do blog naked, and dressed, and half dressed, and in bed, at work, waiting at the school pick up, by the pool . . . I’ll be back to grab my badge once I have blogged about it!

  22. This is hilarious. I thought about creating a bumper sticker that says, Avoid Suspicion – Fly Naked. The closest I’ve come to blogging naked is wearing my bathrobe. Topless blogging would be the only option I might consider. So, I guess I can’t display the badge.
    Too bad.

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  28. I will be participating in this, probably next week. I need to find something to blog about. I guess the most sense is to blog naked about blogging naked. I dont know. Regardless, fun idea!

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  32. I am naked right now. I’m fresh out of the shower and couldn’t wait to check my blog stats. As my wrap-round towel was wet, I just hung it on the chair back, so I am as Mother Nature intended. Can I have a ‘I blog Wet and Naked’ badge? In pink. 😀

  33. Damn, I thought to surprise and register a domainname about blogging naked. But NO! All the cool ones are taken:,,,, EVERYTHING!

    • No way! Really? Darn. Looks like naked bloggers have been around for a long time.
      I’m going to go to one of those right now. I hope I’m not traumatized to never blog naked again. Wish me luck.

  34. Well I blog Naked as well !
    just did a blog post linking this article as well as Julie’s interview with you!
    I blog naked sometimes in the buff as well as started to blog naked, emotion, feelings, thoughts and expressiveness recently so I realy blog naked ! (see writing free form links)

    so, I added the badge thanks, it will link back to here.

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  36. I think I would consider the “I aspire to blog naked” badge as generally my two teenaged kids are around and I am quite confident my ego could not endure the commotion actually blogging naked would cause! Oh if only I had time alone… or a computer in my room… that could work too… hhhmmmm….

    • “I am quite confident my ego could not endure the commotion actually blogging naked would cause” Hehe 😀
      Try it! And let me know how it goes. Until then, you are welcome to have the I Aspire to blog naked badge 😉

  37. My family started the first nudist (naturist for my British friends) resort if Florida in 1964.
    They had a trailer park on 300 acres with a lake and the beatniks used to smoke pot and run around naked. The local county commissioners told my Aunt that she either needed to run them off or up a fence. She put up the fence and now it is a Five Star ANNR, TNS, Sunbathers Association recognized resort. They gross 3M a year…wish it was mine 🙂 I lived there for six years. They have 250 residential sites in addition to the hotel and camping. It is all about est, relaxation, recreation, a real family organization. It’s not about sex.

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