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What you think Graduation is like vs. What it’s really like

The weeks leading up to your university graduation are pure bliss. Everything is perfect. Everything is wonderful. For the first time in so long you feel happy and it’s not the result of any recreational activities. The world is full of rainbows and sparkles, and you think it’ll stay that way forever. You poor, sweet, innocent child.

The good part is, you won’t be so naive for very long. The bad part is, it’ll hit you at the worst possible time.

What I thought graduation would feel like:

Grad 1.1

What it was actually like:


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86 thoughts on “What you think Graduation is like vs. What it’s really like

  1. The truth in this post is overwhelming. Still, there is excitement and happiness to accompany all those suddenly terrifying realizations. Congratulations on your graduation and good luck in whatever you decide to do next!

  2. Congratulations! I can relate to it all being anticlimactic. It helped me not to rely on the idea of working for something really great that will happen in the future. When I am able I can appreciate that the moment is now, then I can be fully fleshed out to be present — what did I just say?!

  3. Congratulations, but yes, let the worrying begin. I was very much the, “Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.” …I’m still the “Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.” over a year later.

  4. I think I would have been better off if I had had your actual graduation experience. Sometimes I think my panic part (I don’t have any idea what to call it and that had two p’s in a row so…) is just broken.

  5. HAhahaa! I laugh because I can relate SO much to this!

    Congratulations on your graduation! Whatever you do, I hope it involves writing because you are so amazingly awesome at it! 🙂

  6. CONGRATS on Graduating – panic or just adrenaline pumping through your veins, keeping you on your toes for what lies ahead, telling you not to be complacent, encouraging the questions and thoughts that now rattle in your head – so you can use them constructively… boy have I prattled on – well done!

  7. Congrats on your graduation! I wish you all the best on all the wonderful things that are waiting for you in the future. You are and amazing young woman…that’s exactly hat the world needs. Now get out there and start spreading your amazingness around!

  8. went though this exact same thing — doesn’t everyone? if you don’t get to the rainbows quickly, you’re going to get way more good stories/comedy out of the adventure. either way a win, right?

  9. That is all true, although it gets better after a while. I don’t know if the uncertainty in life gets all that better, though. I do kind of wish I could go back to school, since it was a good time of life in a lot of ways. Congratulations, by the way. 🙂

  10. It is not “What you know”, it is “Who you know”, use those communication skills to start
    a network and do not be embarrassed to ask…ask your family and friends, ask your contemporaries who have landed a job “Who did you know???”, ask your professors
    ( a good laugh always makes your day brighter) ask the newspaper reporter who writes
    the business column (the business you want to be in) in your local newspaper or
    magazine, think outside of the box by asking those in the box to describe their limitations,
    be original, find the name and address of the personnel manager of the company that
    you want to work for and (maybe) go to their door and /or go to their church, p.s. some churches are good networking places, so are gyms, avoid the bars and clubs, unless
    you want to become a slave in that business. Ask for negatives and positives…
    you will learn from both.
    Toot your own horn but do not tell little white lies…
    I thank God that I have lived to be seventy years old and I don’t have to go through
    what you are going through. The above suggestions have helped me help many
    a family member who has climbed the same mountain.
    Me, never was and I am still not afraid to ask.
    Love, hugs and blessings…ME and the Boss

  11. Hahaha oh, it’s so true. Granted I dropped out like ten thousand times so I could travel all over the place but it was still utterly terrifying to realize I could no longer shroud my irresponsiblities under the excuse of “being a student.”

    Congrats, btw!

  12. Hahahaha! Perfect. I have the solution for you. Keep going to school. That’s why I have so many degrees. School prepared me for being good at . . . school. I even still work at a school. It’s kind of sad, really . . . where did all the rainbow sparkles go?

  13. Hahaha, to be honest I never finished high school, but there have been other times when those kind of realisations have dawned on me and I have freaked out about what the hell I’m going to do now!

    Well I hope things are starting to make sense and take shape, and that your diet consists of more than instant noodles!

    *Nudie panicked hugs!*


    • Things are starting to come together. Slowly though, very very slowly. I’m loving those sudden epiphany moments where I go “ah-ha! The world isn’t so scary!”

      Instant noodles are the best food group (right after the chocolate food group, of course). But yeah, I’m learning how to cook. Turns out I’m not half bad……just clumsy. Flour is so hard to contain to one area of the kitchen, it just flies everywhere!

      *nudie hugs*

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