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How Not to Wear a Sari

What I love most about living in India is being able to wear saris. It’s fantastic since I don’t look like I’m getting ready for Halloween when I wear one here. Saris are just so pretty. They’re also a bitch to get on. It’s six yards, SIX YARDS, of fabric wrapped around you. Try walking in that without falling over, I dare you.

What happens when a clumsy person tries to put on six yards of fabric? You get an MFE doodle, that’s what!

[click to enlarge images]


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79 thoughts on “How Not to Wear a Sari

  1. This is just genius. I wore a sari once, matched it with sneakers whose lace came undone in what would be perfect timing (rolls eyes). Never again! You look stunning in a sari btw! 😀

  2. For a dramatics competition, I had to wear a sari. The sari was so beautiful and I was so excited to wear it. After hundreds of attempts, I finally succeeded in wearing it properly. I was so happy, but my happiness lasted only for a few minutes as I started tripping. Walking around the school campus in that sari was a huge pain. If only there is some mechanism invented to stop us from falling over…

    • Youtube is your friend. I have to search for a ‘how to wear a sari’ video every time. I feel your pain, Keerthi. How not to trip in a sari could be a whole post on it’s on. 🙂

  3. That is exactly what would happen to me if I tried to wear one, but I think they’re beautiful. I had a professor from India who wore saris. She was so freaking awesome, her presence was like Darth Vader walking into a room. No one screwed with her. Then you got to know her and she was so fun! She taught Shakespeare.

  4. I’m not sure I could take the confinement. I don’t even like to wear nylons. And Spanx? No way. But I suppose a sari is much more comfortable than that, and I’m sure you look smashing. 🙂

  5. graphics are amazing – love the parachute! I don’;t know if I could wear one, especially when needing the loo in a hurry! 😉 They are beautiful to look at and I love seeing them on women, cool post Missy 🙂

  6. I’ve wondered sometimes what it’s like to get dressed in one of those, since yeah, they seem rather tricky, not like just slipping on a pair of pants and throwing a T-shirt over your head. It seems like you’d need to worry about gapping if it went on wrong, although I guess 6 yards can cover a lot.

  7. I supposed it’s like a full body turban.
    Last time I went to Morocco I decided to sport one, bought the fabric from the kids at the desert, they “taught” me how to do it. It looked to easy, after I took it off that day was never able to put it back on.
    Love the doodles!

  8. There has to be someone who already invented a pre-wrapped sari that you can just button or zip up like a regular dress.
    Bet then, of course, that someone would have robbed us of this post.

    • They have sort-of pre-wrapped saris. Darn! That could have been the next big thing. We could have been the pioneers of the pre-wrapped sari! So close.

      Hehe, I’m sure that I’d fall over no matter what, so we’re good either way 🙂

  9. I love saris! I just think they’re so beautiful and feminine. It makes every woman look so exquisite in them. In Malaysia, we do not see many women wearing them anymore. I guess they are more scared of “personal security” than anything else. It is a shame but personal security is very important. Nice post! Thanks 🙂

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  11. Your illustrations are hilarious! i wish I knew how to do that… And saris.. they are so beautiful, so elegant.. but a pain to walk around in, phew…

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