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How Not to Wear a Sari

What I love most about living in India is being able to wear saris. It’s fantastic since I don’t look like I’m getting ready for Halloween when I wear one here. Saris are just so pretty. They’re also a bitch to get on. It’s six yards, SIX YARDS, of fabric wrapped around you. Try walking in that without falling over, I dare you.

What happens when a clumsy person tries to put on six yards of fabric? You get an MFE doodle, that’s what!

[click to enlarge images]


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79 thoughts on “How Not to Wear a Sari

  1. This is just genius. I wore a sari once, matched it with sneakers whose lace came undone in what would be perfect timing (rolls eyes). Never again! You look stunning in a sari btw! 😀

  2. For a dramatics competition, I had to wear a sari. The sari was so beautiful and I was so excited to wear it. After hundreds of attempts, I finally succeeded in wearing it properly. I was so happy, but my happiness lasted only for a few minutes as I started tripping. Walking around the school campus in that sari was a huge pain. If only there is some mechanism invented to stop us from falling over…

    • Youtube is your friend. I have to search for a ‘how to wear a sari’ video every time. I feel your pain, Keerthi. How not to trip in a sari could be a whole post on it’s on. 🙂

  3. That is exactly what would happen to me if I tried to wear one, but I think they’re beautiful. I had a professor from India who wore saris. She was so freaking awesome, her presence was like Darth Vader walking into a room. No one screwed with her. Then you got to know her and she was so fun! She taught Shakespeare.

  4. Saris just look so comfortable to wear in the humid summers here vs. shorts and a t-shirt. Plus, all the beautiful colors 🙂

  5. I’m not sure I could take the confinement. I don’t even like to wear nylons. And Spanx? No way. But I suppose a sari is much more comfortable than that, and I’m sure you look smashing. 🙂

  6. graphics are amazing – love the parachute! I don’;t know if I could wear one, especially when needing the loo in a hurry! 😉 They are beautiful to look at and I love seeing them on women, cool post Missy 🙂

  7. I’ve wondered sometimes what it’s like to get dressed in one of those, since yeah, they seem rather tricky, not like just slipping on a pair of pants and throwing a T-shirt over your head. It seems like you’d need to worry about gapping if it went on wrong, although I guess 6 yards can cover a lot.

  8. I supposed it’s like a full body turban.
    Last time I went to Morocco I decided to sport one, bought the fabric from the kids at the desert, they “taught” me how to do it. It looked to easy, after I took it off that day was never able to put it back on.
    Love the doodles!

  9. There has to be someone who already invented a pre-wrapped sari that you can just button or zip up like a regular dress.
    Bet then, of course, that someone would have robbed us of this post.

    • They have sort-of pre-wrapped saris. Darn! That could have been the next big thing. We could have been the pioneers of the pre-wrapped sari! So close.

      Hehe, I’m sure that I’d fall over no matter what, so we’re good either way 🙂

  10. I love saris! I just think they’re so beautiful and feminine. It makes every woman look so exquisite in them. In Malaysia, we do not see many women wearing them anymore. I guess they are more scared of “personal security” than anything else. It is a shame but personal security is very important. Nice post! Thanks 🙂

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  12. Your illustrations are hilarious! i wish I knew how to do that… And saris.. they are so beautiful, so elegant.. but a pain to walk around in, phew…

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