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Levels of Self Esteem

Truth be told, I never really had a very high level of self esteem. It was always on the lower end of the spectrum and I was okay with that. I’d accepted my life as a less than confidant human.

Last year, I hit rock bottom.
Flat line. The end of any smidgen of self esteem I had left. I was still okay.I thought, this is as low as it’s going to get, there’s really nowhere to go but up!

Boy was I wrong.

Turns out there’s a whole spectrum under rock bottom. And probably more to be defined. Right now, I’m an earthworm.

Levels of Self Esteem.jpg

Do you think there’s uncharted territory underneath?

31 thoughts on “Levels of Self Esteem

  1. Yes, there are: below earthworms, there are dinosaur fossils, then hot magma, then molten lava. But if you keep dogging deeper, and deeper, and deeper, you hit the iron core, then come back to lava, magma, fossils, and if you don’t stop, you could end up stratosphere-high.

  2. Crying on a public bus, in a foreign country made me go below the worms, I think I saw a dinosaur cross my bath around then. So yes there is, but hang in there, you are not alone.

  3. I’m sorry that things have been so bad. Nobody should feel like that. For what it is worth, i’m sure that your readers are all offering moral support. I hope you can feel the vibe.

  4. I really don’t “like” this at all, but I want you to acknowledge that I do in fact “hear you” and have actually been there — today might be one of those days for me. I’m just resigned to the fact that existence requires tension between states of mind (whatever the hell that means) so that we can evolve either one way or another — I guess. Anyhoo, I hope you ride it through, sister, and come out on the other end with strength and enlightenment. I’m sure by sharing this you’ve helped other people to know they aren’t alone… Take care…

  5. I’m so sorry i didn’t see this before today, partner.
    Never forget…you’re young, talented, loved, and in general… you rock!

    And hey, don’t feel bad; we all feel low. I certainly fall into deep depressions from time to time. What matters is whether or not you pick yourself back up.

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